Ministry Team

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Minister in placement

Vacant as at the 25th October 2021

Rev. Tony Duncan

Church Council Chair
& Supply Minister

The Rev. Tony Duncan  (ret) will offer supply commencing from Monday the 25th of October 2021, until the end of January 2022.

Tony is a retired minister of the word, being ordained in 1993. He is also the Church Council Chairperson.

Prior to his training as a minister he worked for twenty years a social worker with the NSW welfare department. He has served a minister in Ballarat North, Werribee and Launceston before coming to Cranbourne with his wife, Jenny

They have three daughters and seven grandchildren.


Chris Marsh

Church Administration

Chris has been a member of Cranbourne Uniting Church for thirty years, and is  currently the Cranbourne Church Administration officer..


Margaret Williams


Marg is one of the church leaders at Cranbourne.

A church council representative and part of the Ministry Team.
Marg has a theological and clinical pastoral background and recently retired from aged care chaplaincy.
She is also active in the pastoral care of our church community.
Marg is married with three children and five grandchildren.

Church Council

Chairperson Rev. Tony Duncan (ret) - Minute Secretary Jenny Duncan
Church Administration Chris Marsh - Chaplain Margaret Williams - Marnie Grace - Phil Start - Phil Young
Kellie Robinson - Brigette Hall.