Freedom and Vaccination

I’ve been ruminating on the cry for freedom by some in our community. As we near the end of the longest lockdown period in the world, I wonder, are we really coming into a time of full freedom, whatever that means. If freedom means to be completely free to do whatever we want, then we’ll have to wait forever for that to come. We live in a society and to live harmoniously together none of us is free to do what we want. For the greater good we learn to act with respect to others around us. For our own safety and the safety of others we obey road rules, ante smoking rules, and in a time of global pandemic we learn to wear masks and roll up our sleeves to be inoculated. As Christians who claim to live not just for ourselves but for others, especially the vulnerable, we are called to serve, and one service that we can all give is to be immunised, to be mindful of others by wearing a mask.

When we meet together in church as God’s people in Cranbourne ( hopefully on the 7th November), we will be required to wear masks and to as far as possible to be vaccinated. The State and the Uniting Church will require us to show our vaccination status, and so I encourage you all to go out and roll up your sleeve and be vaccinated, so we can all meet safely together to worship God.